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 Alumni Relations – Management of the relationship between the individual alumnus and the University as well as relationships with the National Secretariat, State Branches, Chapters, Sets and other groups of University of Lagos Alumni.  Gathering of alumni data and maintaining regular interactions between the University and the alumni as well as various alumni groups.  To facilitate this, there is need for all alumni to fill or update their personal data by completing the Alumni Registration Form on line: visit The formal establishment of the Alumni Relations Office in 1977 gave credence to the importance of the alumni in fostering the growth and development of the University. In its effort to mobilize and keep its alumni together as a body, the University placed advertisements in the national dailies in 1968 calling on its graduates to submit their names and addresses to the Student Affairs Office. The purpose was to use the medium to sensitize the alumni towards coming together to play contributory roles to their alma mater. With this encouragement and the full support of the University, the Alumni Association was formally launched in 1970. Consequently, the establishment of the Alumni Relations Unit became inevitable. In 1977, the Alumni Relations Unit was created under the Registry. The unit was established basically to provide a channel of communication between the University and its alumni all over the country and in diaspora as well as build an alumni association, for the benefit of the University as well as the National Association. The unit was also expected to encourage the formation of branch associations, create a favourable working relationship with the Alumni Association's national office through its officers and cultivate a friendly relationship with the alumni members all over the world. The unit was further expected to give the alumni association a supporting hand particularly in prosecuting programmes that are beneficial to the University and sensitize alumni members towards identifying with their alma mater.

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